Below are examples of some of the recent productions we have done. SperlingDesigns utilizes McCormicks and Creative Costuming to produce our aesthetics. We have a great relationship with several other vendors as well, and work hard to get you the best product at the best prices possible..

Robert Vela’s 2017 Production, An American in Paris, transports the audience overseas for a wild adventure in one of France’s most notable cities.. Featuring the music from the Christopher Wheeldon’s Broadway adaptation of ‘An American in Paris’ and George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ Robert Vela’s 2017 aesthetics plays off of popular Parisian iconography.


In 2018, Robert Vela High School explores the story of one of Greek mythology’s greatest tragedies, Medusa. Their production “A Curse of Snake and Stone” takes the viewer through Medusa’s journey from a beautiful pious servant to the goddess Athena into the hideous snake monster she is cursed to become. Inspired by the mythology, Robert Vela’s 2018 aesthetics takes you through her servitude to Athena, her meeting with Poseidon, the duality between who she was vs. who she became, and finally the Medusa we have all grown to know.


Jack C. Hays High School’s 2017 Production, In The Red, was inspired by the sights and sounds of being in the Red Square of Moscow. Throughout the production, a viewer will notice the use of the color red as a through line to connect the production.


Charolette Gillman Perkins short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, sets the stage for Jack C. Hays 2018 production, TORN. Playing off of Gillman’s literary genius, the Rebel band tells the tale of a couple moving into a summer home only to discover that there is something odd about the house.


McNeil High School’s 2017 Production, Inverted, showcases different inversions throughout its five movements. Color, light, and art inversions play center stage.